Friday, June 15, 2012

Vitamin D – The Government Gets it Wrong

Commentary by Frank Wiewel, Founder, People Against Cancer

Most Americans are deficient in vitamin D.

You can get all of the vitamin D you need by going into the sun, but the public health service recommends against going into the sun. They recommend that you use sunscreen which is teeming with cancer causing agents, and they recommend that you not tan in tanning booths – even in a responsible tanning regimen.

The public health service does not promote health.

Vitamin D is a Miracle from the Sun. If you get enough sun the body makes all the vitamin D you need. However, most people do not get enough sun.

The public health message should be - go into the sunfor 30 minutes a day – every day.

The public health message should be – do not wear sunscreen that causes cancer.

Vitamin D3 supplements are safe, effective and cost effective and there is good test (Vitamin D – 25 Hydroxy) that can test for safe and effective levels.

Vitamin D has been demonstrated to prevent 18 different forms of cancer.

By twisting information - once again, the government has become the enemy of the American people in the Great Medical Monopoly Wars circa 2012.

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Substituting Vitamins and Supplements for Pharmaceuticals in Diabetes

Commentary by Stuart Lindsey, PharmD

(OMNS May 28, 2012) Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the drugstore, we are going to question authority yet again. Readers may remember Dr. Stuart Lindsey as the Frustrated Pharmacist ( He's back and at it once more, this time presenting an important supplement-based approach to type 2 diabetes. This essay presents ideas that are very possibly a large part of the solution. As with all OMNS releases, it is not meant to substitute for medical advice. Persons should consult their own doctor before making any health decision. - Andrew W. Saul, Editor

The current treatment of diabetes is among the least successful in medicine, despite billions of dollars spent on research. Many scientists make a career of studying diabetes. Medicine has succeeded in making diabetes very expensive for the patient while making the disease a cash cow for the numerous businesses that cater to the diabetic. We should expect to see some improvement in diabetic treatment, but in fact the basic protocols haven't changed much in twenty years. Is research getting close to a solution? In my opinion as a practicing pharmacist, the answer is no.

For fifteen years I was the pharmacy manager for an independent neighborhood drug store. I saw the results of many people over the long term as they were introduced to the "sugar-med treadmill." After prolonged consumption of their diabetic medications, their health did not improve. This was disturbing to me. The long term diabetics all seemed to have the same group of symptoms: they were overweight (due to hyper-insulinemia), edematous (having swelling under the skin), and they all suffered from poor exercise tolerance and had a generally unhealthy appearance. Many of them had peripheral neuropathy (malfunction of nerves), often associated with pain in their hands and feet. Only rarely did they believe their diabetes treatment was actually improving their health.

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